Deals direct to your customers

Over 50,000 vouchers sold

Sell deal vouchers easily from your website

Build a base of loyal repeat customers

No monthly fees

Only pay when you get paid

No contract. Cancel any time

Create your deal

Craft your deal based on an exciting offer that will reward your customers and at the same time makes sense for you.

Share your deal

Copy the public link for your deal page and paste it into your marketing email newsletter or share it far and wide on social media

Redeem and Track

Customers use the eVoucher they receive to redeem the deal. PromoPool tracks amount of offers claimed and redeemed to measure how effective your marketing has been

Founded in 2015, we are a fully Irish owned business, based in North Dublin, on a mission to provide small and medium sized businesses an easier, lower risk alternative to Groupon.

Since our founding we’ve processed more than 50,000 vouchers and collected more than €1.5 million in payments for our clients. That’s a good start, but we want to reach and help a lot more people promote their businesses.

If you are curious to see if PromoPool could help you, just leave your details below and we’ll get in touch with a free preview for your business.


Craft deals on your own terms. Only pay when you get paid.

Not liking the idea of running Groupon deals that might actually cost you money to run ? We get you..

PromoPool allows you offer deals direct to your customers, and maintain control over those deals at every stage of the process.

Build trust with your own pool of opt-in customers that will give the repeat business every business owner wants.

Craft your own deals according to what's best for your business. You decide the terms, how long the promotion runs for and how, if at all, you want to limit the capacity.

Promo Deals

A little       makes the world go around

Like deals, but without the upfront payment. Use Promo Deals to show a little love to your loyal customers and give them an incentive to spend money with you.

Unleash your imagination and create complementary offers with conditions that work for you and for your customers.

FREE - this one is on us!

No upfront payment from the customer means nothing to pay us!

and there's more... Gift Vouchers

Sell gift vouchers from branded pages. No monthly fee. Only pay when you get paid!

After the customer buys their gift voucher, they will receive their eVoucher direct to their inbox. They can either use a hard or soft copy of the voucher to redeem it and we have a number of easy ways to make it easy to redeem.

Do you already have printed vouchers ? No problem! As long as your physical vouchers carry a unique code, PromoPool can manage them and make sending them out and redeeming them a piece of cake !

and there's even more... Group deposits

If you're in a business that takes group bookings, you'll also receive access to our service for managing your Group booking deposits online at busy customer seasons like Christmas.

Collect the deposit payments online and you’ll always know which groups are fully paid up and which ones might need a little attention.

Sign up

Go to the sign up form here and sign up with your Business details.

Want to talk to someone about it ? Call us on 01-2542509 instead

Set up

A member of our team will contact you to guide you personally through a couple of simple steps. These steps mainly involve setting up a new Stripe account and configuring it to allow customer payments to flow directly to you.

Get Creative !

Once set up, you can start accepting vouchers straight away. You're also ready to get creative with deals - the type that suit you and your customers, and not anyone else to run.

There are no monthly fees with PromoPool. You only pay when somebody pays you!

€65 + VAT gets you setup for all services.

There is no minimum term. If you feel PromoPool isn't working for you anytime, you can simply stop using it.

Deal Vouchers

European Credit/Debit cards

2.8% + 0.50c

Non European Credit cards

4.3% + 0.50c

Promo Deals

European Credit/Debit cards


Non European Credit cards


Gift Vouchers

European Credit/Debit cards

2.8% + 0.50c

Non European Credit cards

4.3% + 0.50c

Group deposits

European Credit/Debit cards

2.8% + 0.50c

Non European Credit cards

4.3% + 0.50c

If you’re wondering just how voucher pages would look for your business, wonder no more! You can get a sneaky peak just by filling in a couple of details and we’ll send you a link to give you a free preview. And we’ll be there to answer any questions you might have.

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"A brand is no longer what we tell the customer it is – it is what customers tell each other it is."

– Scott Cook


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